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Vonk choke valves are known in the oil and gas industry for their quality, advanced technology, operational reliability, and ease of maintenance. They are well suited for aggressive and demanding operating environments.

Trim Design: Materials

Standart Materials

– Carbon Steel casting

  • ASTM A352-LCC (ANSI)
  • ASTM A216-WCB (ANSI)
  • A487-1C (API)

– Stainless steel

  • ASTM A351-CF8M

– Duplex
– Super duplex
– Carbon steel with Inconel cladded overlay

​Internal parts

– Turning fork; casting
– Protecting bush
– Front disc and bean carrier

  • Stainless steel
  • Duplex
  • Super duplex
  • Inconel

Trim Design

General Features

  • Seat never in contact with medium
  • Seat-tightness to ANSI Class V or VI
  • Minimises cavitation problems
  • Exhibits low noise
  • Excellent control
  • Guaranteed fixed Cv value
  • Repairable internals
  • Vibration resistance
  • Easy maintenance design
Rotating Disc Principle


The Erosion Triangle
Prevent erosion by eliminating one of below conditions:

  • Sand production
  • Pressure drop
  • Small valve opening

How to prevent bean erosion

​Bigger opening results in smaller impact angles.

Operate in Green Zone:
Prevent erosion by eliminating one of below conditions:

  • Small impingement angle on the Tungsten Carbide liner
  • Erosion decreases significant with impingement angle < 45 degrees
  • At 30 degrees the erosion is almost 0.
Design principle of DV trim: Minimize impingement angle at small valve opening.

Developments: DV trim

Simulation of flow path and erosion for 21 MM DV.

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