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Kaydon is the premier engineering and manufacturing source for rings and seals for demanding applications in the oil and gasaircraft and aerospace, and diesel locomotive industries, among many others.


The [K•DGS] rotating face geometry causes a gas film to form between the stationary and rotating seal rings during operation.

The controlled gap allows for non-contacting operation and low gas leakage rates across a wide range of speeds and pressures. Unlike dry gas seals with constant depth groove geometry, Kaydon’s patented Tapered Lift Ramp geometry creates an increase in purge gas velocity as it moves through the ramp, sweeping away contamination from this critical area.

The silicon carbide rotating faces used in each [K•DGS] provide greater resilience to material failure in the event of thermal shock or incidental rub.
Uni-directional and bi-directional seals are available in a variety of configurations including single, double, tandem, and tandem with intermediate labyrinth.

Kaydon’s dry gas seal application group has the experience and expertise to help with new seal designs, upgrades, retrofits, and troubleshooting of Kaydon and other brand seals, and control systems.

The Kaydon Seal Repair Center provides refurbishment and replacement seals of all makes and models.


Seal solutions for severe and contaminated process gas compressors:

  • Kaydon – Dry Gas Seals (K-DGS)
  • Kaydon – Circumferential Barrier Seals (K-CBS)
  • Kaydon – Multi-Ring Circumferential Gas Seals (M-MRC)
  • Kaydon – Bushing Oil Seals for Hydrocarbon (K-BOS)
  • Kaydon – Mechanical Oil Buffered Seals (K-MOS)
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