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About Us

P.T. HASTALINDO PERKASA ABADI was established in 1995, which has branch office in Balikpapan (East Kalimantan). Our lines of business are Special Heavy Lifting Work for DIFFICULT ACCESS, Choke, Control Valve in Oil and Gas Company.

P.T. HASTALINDO PERKASA ABADI’s management is committed to deliver products that are fit and suitable for their intended uses and purposes as well as meet our customers requirements, applicable industry standards, and contractual requirements.

Since 2002, our commitment to working more effectively and to provide better service to our customers, we decided to only conduct business with production sharing companies which operate in Indonesia. Consequently, we intend on working with a maximum of three principles in order to uphold the values listed above. At the moment, the two companies we represent are:


  1. DUXVALVES B.V. – Control Valve & Actuator, The Netherlands.
  2. CONBIT B.V. – Crane-less Flare Tip Replacement, Special Heavy Lifting Work, The Netherlands.
  3. G.M. Boelhouwer B.V. – Crane Services and Maintenance, The Netherlands.


For more details on our projects and how we operate, please contact us.



Specialized in the oil and gas industry. Produce high quality products in accordance with well-known international standards. Our focus is on quality, flexibility and reliability. Working in close with our clients to gain the best solution.


Located in The Netherlands, with experienced manpower we are focus to services and do maintenance the old crane in your yard to saving your cost.


Having started as a local structural engineering company, Conbit developed into a full-service lifting contractor. Lifting and structural engineering are the core competencies of Conbit. Conbit believes in the “Power of Preparation”.


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